Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Thwarted gardener

I have been told I am an addict.

Moving quietly through a market garden, having been told I am not allowed to pick anything up, I can be heard mumbling.... 'but just think of the legacy we are leaving the world'.

I am advised sternly 'Keep looking down- do not look at the plants on either side' as I sneak sideways glances at perennials in season.

'Mother, do not even try to justify your addiction' as I suggest we are helping out if we rescue plants which are reduced and 'they would get a good home with us'.

'Oh this one will help the world's dwindling number of bees- it is labelled 'Bee friendly' so we are saving the world's food supplies......' 'Ma! Put it back; every plant in your garden is a bee magnet'

'But I could teach the next generation so we have another layer of Monty Dons- and children find such joy adigging, don't they?'  'MUM!'

So I try a different pitch
'This one worked well in my garden so I think it would do well in your northfacing border....'
 'Huh! Don't even try getting me to justify your addiction by advising me what will grow well in my plot!'

but she picked it up!

My garden is filled with memories, friends' gifts, rescue plants and I still want to experiment with more- especially since I am sure I have put all my plants in according to the instructions (especially height) on the card yet they end up too too high for the middle of the border and flopping over the front flowers; scabious ends up carpeting the lawn when it shouldn't. Small poppies grow like giants over paeonies which nestle behind everything. Oh I can't get things right. I wonder if I should haul everything out and start again?

We survived the differences of opinion
 and only put 9 plants each into the car!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

No news is good news

I haven't been anywhere interesting of late- unless you count M&S for his Lordship's new trousers for golf? I have had the gang here and lots of folk are coming and going; I have chocolates, friends, fudge, flowers and especially gladioli! I am doing no gardening so it looks like an overgrown, rather colourless jungle dotted with blown roses out there. I am relaxing! I am back on track and have resumed 'Wolf Hall' as I had lost the will to focus- and was reading magazines- but Cromwell and I are dealing with Henry and Anne again.
Outside a heavy grey patchwork of clouds hoods the sky; showers alternate with slashes of sunrays. High pressure is moving our way so come Monday sunshine is due to replace Sunday's rain.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Murder Mystery

Even if I am unable to do much at present I must tell you about a new venture which looks really exciting-   Wickedly Entertaining Murder Mysteries

Guess where I will be just before Christmas- having fun solving a Murder!!