Thursday, 14 February 2013

Les Miserables

...was miserable. We saw the show with London cast years ago (in the distance) at the Point Depot in Dublin- we didn't like it then..... we have just seen the much accoladed film 'Les Miserables' and were not struck on it either. Call us Philistines but ......

We went to see Joe McElderry last week too; Joe was being awarded the Variety Silver Heart for his work for charity; I think he has a brilliant voice but oh! the backing was too loud so we could not hear him; the Hilton sat us at a table near the door so we were in a cold draught - next to the lovely Sadie- the bra lady. 2 of the Variety staff insisted on standing in front of our table so we could not see Joe or the screens- H1 asked them to move at least 4 times.

No family gathering for pancakes for Shrove Tuesday this year due to other events - we will have them another time. H1 and I went to friends and met up with lots of folk we hadn't seen in ages- and the pancakes (especially those in Cointreau ) were delicious; not like mine with traditional lemon and sugar!

Ash Wednesday's snow and wind have calmed and the sun is out in a blue, blue sky. In the southfacing border the sun is bathing a primrose which is encrusted with the palest of flowers. The tips of early flowering tulips are peeking out; the spears of daffodils and narcissi are well up- Spring is coming!!

... and this morning there was a Valentine lying on the doormat. I wonder who it is from?

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cinderella and confetti

Poor girl magics her way into a ball and a Prince fancies her; 'Cinderella's glass slipper found its way back onto her tootsies and wedding bells rang out. Our pantomime seemed to be a smash hit. The cast and crew have all been out to eat together since.
Now the backstage crew (including me) have the cold going around which turns your nose into a dripping tap.

The confetti has arrived- do other nationalities have confetti?

I am saving money for the hoy-out. Do other folk throw out money (from the car/carriage) as the bride & her father leave the house to head for the church- it demonstrates symbolically the dowry the wealthy father (parents!!) are giving to the bride & her husband. As kids we always went to see the bride leave home & hoped for a hoy out.

Do other nations also do the
'something old
something new
something borrowed
something blue
which the bride has to have around her person on the BIG DAY ?

'Les Miserables' is getting rave reviews- so when to go see it? Have you seen it? What did you think?