Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Grumpy Old Woman

Am I turning into a grumpy old woman? Yes! lack of sleep and a trip to Tynemouth convinces me I am.
What do I think is rude or what do I dislike?

CATS- someone else's on my garden /car. I do not have a pet pooing in my garden or scratching my car again so I do not want anyone else's! I am allergic to cats- they make me/us all ill.

DRIVERS on slip roads who think they can just come straight onto the main carriageway without stopping

CYCLISTS who just go through red lights.

PEOPLE who do not say thank you- eg when you move a pushchair for them or move over to let them pass you on the pavement or open a door for them.

SINKS full of dirty dishes in water so you have to empty the bowl to start washing up

OWNERS who let their dogs perform/&leave dog muck on beach, grass, countryside- I do not let members of my family leave their excrement why should owners leave theirs? or those that put the poo in a plastic bag then dump the bag on the path , fence or hedge.

LAMINATE floors- cold, noisy, unwelcoming, dateable

POSITIVE DISCRIMINATION- I am a feminist and have always been a feminist;  and believe I/we women can do things equally- I do not want your help to get me where I want to go . Do not patronise women.

LABELS in clothes especially bras which are irritatingly scratchy.

USERS of 'a' in front of a vowel when it should be 'an'. Say an hotel, an icicle etc


HEARTBURN, reflux and indigestion- makes you worry that you are having a month long coronary

WOMEN who do not wash their hands when they have been to the toilet- well men too.

MOBILE PHONE users- in cafes, restaurants, public transport, the quiet carriage- usually loudly! I am with some places in USA which are banning them in public places. Folk who cannot enjoy their own company so have to get their mob out to occupy themselves.

DRIVERS who do not signal

PARENTS who quote their kids exam results; do you really believe kids who got 2:1s or firsts did a lot of work?- many do not but get them given. University grades mean nothing.

PARENTS who live their dreams through their kids.

LITTERBUGS who just hoy chewing gum on the pavement.

SPITTERS who hockle- eg footballers

SMOKERS who stand outside doorways so one has to fight a way through their smoke to get into a building.

LEYLANDII the most boring, overgrown, dark, allergic, lazy boundaries which take up half your garden and kill off neighbours' and your daylight. They grow beyond many owners height and care.

LAZY people.

BARBECUES- how to get charred sausages which are pink inside and give you food poisoning; me cooking inside while H1 is out by the bbq with a can of beer in the sunshine and with my guests

Yep! Grumpy all right!

What annoys you?