Sunday, 30 March 2014

Still working on things

Still working on helping D1 and husband with their snuggle-buggle baby who sleeps curled up on someone's chest but NOT on her back in a Moses basket or babybeanie or anything else you can mention... will she sleep on a cocoonbaby? She has wonderfully powerful vocal cords which can keep going for hours unless snuggled or fed!

Meanwhile I have joined the W.I. and have really enjoyed the ladies I have met, the Zumba and the talk on Garden Design which I went to. I never thought I would join up (I could never be so old!) but decided to investigate....for now I just wanted the pleasantness without having to organise ( I have organised in so many organisations in my time- from the Toddler Group I set up, to the PTA I initiated , Governors etc- now I just want to relax & join in ).

D2 and offspring have gone home- the house is still full- but seems empty without them.

We sent in our joint selfie and donation for continued research to Breast Cancer Campaign- with all these daughters, grand daughters and nieces, I hope the research helps their generations- it worries me that breast cancer will hit them as it did me.

Text  CURE     to 70660 to donate £3 to Breast Cancer Campaign or what about to Movember if prostate cancer has affected your family?

Sunday, 23 March 2014


I won't be blogging for long as sleep time is so important.

Our grandchild is fun! She will not sleep on her back; these days there are so many (often contradictory) rules given out by the professionals- but we have also tried the traditional remedies for screaming too. She will not lie on her back eg to sleep in her Moses basket- so we all take turns in staying up to have her sleep more upright -on our chests. Could it be reflux? Everyone has given the parents- & grandparents- remedies but she screams on. The Expelair (on full) works whereas the  'white noise' 'machine' does not.
Currently there is a hush because she is with her mummy being fed while her daddy sleeps & we cook tea/ do the washing etc

We will get there.......

Monday, 3 March 2014

Welcome to the world little one

'The best laid plans of mice and men aften gang astray ' according to Rabbie Burns and certainly the arrival of another baby in the family caused all of my plans to disappear out the window! Heavens! She is gorgeous!

Before her arrival we managed to go to the 'Customs House' in South Shields twice; first to see 'Tyne'- a play with wonderful music/folk/song/pictures/acting and scripted by a eclectic mix of writers- Julia Darling, Tom Hathway, Alan Plater....and others. A story of our river through history and into the future- I could not get tickets when it was on at the Live theatre last year- and it is sold out, I hear, at the Theatre Royal- after last week at the Custom House.

Did you know I was a fan? of Joe McElderry?! A really canny Geordie lad- with an amazing voice; he says he will produce another classical cd sometime soon. His band (drummer) was too loud- but the part of the show Joe calls 'Juke Box Jury' where a member of the audience shouts out a song they'd like to hear him sing- he just sang any he knew and sang wonderfully- with no drummer so we could hear the glorious sound of his voice. The audience though was something else! I have never seen as many tattoos and dancing pints in plastic pots!