Sunday, 28 September 2014

Should I?

I am wondering whether or not to continue my blog....

One puts so much stuff down that just anyone can read- I look in the statistics at the 'audience' (that is the countries) where some one is reading my blog- and I worry.

Admittedly my blog is pretty boring- my garden and the area- but I am wary.....

I am busy too so

all these summer flowers I snapped & did not get them into my blog when they were in full bloom are now well and truly over and gone

Meanwhile we have gone into Autumn with a vengeance; to be truthful by mid August the trees had lost their Summer sparkle and the leaves were dry and already curling; the county died early. The heavily berried shrubs and trees suggest a hard winter is coming.

Crisp leaves lie deep on pavements and cardigans are being replaced by coats. Children are throwing stones up into chestnut trees to bring down conkers and dinners are being cooked in the slow cooker.

The Equinox has been and the nights are definitely drawing in with the days getting shorter, darker and colder.

Winter is coming.

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  1. I love reading your blog, and seeing all the beautiful flowers in the garden! Jane xx