Monday, 17 November 2014

Kielder Observatory

Oh my gosh! I have not been on my blog for ages; today I have the lurgy cough, cold and sore throat that is going around so I had time for a peep----- 10,000 hits! That is something that has stirred my thoughts- so maybe I will start again if people are interested enough to come on to read old writings?

For H1's birthday D3 and P bought us (what it is to get included on someone else's gift) a delicious meal at the Hollybush Inn in Greenhaugh then a midnight ticket each for the Kielder Observatory; Kielder has the recognition of being the 3rd most 'dark sky' in the world and the darkest 'dark sky' in Europe. Through 3 different sized telescopes and guided by expert staff and volunteers, we looked at details on the Moon (2 days after a full moon that night so bleached some colour out of the planets), Jupiter, Milky Way, Andromeda galaxy etc. exciting! So was the eco loo- sawdust and all! We saw moons and rings around Jupiter. You have to book- and early. Imagine being able to see the Northern Lights from here; I have seen them swirling like dayglow curtains across the night sky years ago when we were at a B&B with friends up in the Borders- magnificent is the only word to describe what I saw.

Today's rain and cold has replaced yesterday's fog; I am going downstairs to snuggle up on the settee and watch some television while clutching a box of aloe vera tissues;

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