Monday, 4 May 2015

Triathlon- me?

Bank Holiday and we were up at the crack of dawn; Ashington by 8.45a.m. What were all these folk doing running round in Lycra? Are there really so many people mad on sport in Northumberland? and so many willing to marshal the course? I cannot believe it but our 'Team' were up there supporting P.
Go lad Go! 16 lengths in the pool/Bothal circuit 3 times on the bike (not a problem to this boy) then 5K- 3 times round the park wherein he realised that in spite of all that training he felt as though death was close! But he did it!

We all celebrated- at a table booked at the Running Fox.

I look at these sporty folk and remember when I was in a running club for years- I wish I could do the Great North Run- but I just am not fit enough these days; I am disappointed in myself. I don't like this getting older.

Yet I am fitter than many of my friends; digging the garden for hours on end does not phase me at all. sawing branches off trees/shrubs doesn't bother me/ walking 8 miles is not a problem.

Now what to do to get fitter?

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