Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Rain Rain go away

Oh there is never any time to blog these days- BUT - today is just another day of rain; I can not get out to the overgrown garden; I am forced to iron! There's boring.
I have been lent a steam iron thing-

it irons very well

 it steams up your glasses
it is bulky to store
it is hard to balance on the ironing board as it is big
I will need to buy a new ironing board with no metallic bit on the end on which to put the steam bit and iron.
I will consider.......

Things must be bad if H1 cannot golf and is forced to clean bathrooms.

Teaming down, stotting, pouring, deluge,

overcast, indoors darkness, grey, cloudy,

Good job we had fine dry weather on Sunday for the Castles Triathlon at Bamburgh.

Rain is getting heavier, depression getting heavier!

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